Tarrare: A Story of Hunger – 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival

Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, Tarrare: A Story of Hunger brings to life the tale of a man defined by his monstrous appetite. Tarrare was a real-life medical curiosity, infamous for his bizarre ability to eat anything and everything, from whole apples, corks and stones to live rats, whole eels and the occasional feline.


Having eaten his family out of house and home, nomadic Tarrare’s exploits included hitting the road with a band of quacks, whores and vagabonds; a brief and harrowing career as an international spy; and surviving the Terror as an outcast in the streets of Paris. While pursuing a cure for his affliction, the disappearance of a local toddler quickly caused speculation that Tarrare’s gargantuan appetite had finally gone too far.


Tarrare: A Story of Hunger

by Liam Volke

Starring Scott Clarkson, John Fray, Kristoffer Pedlar and Cydney Penner

Directed by Darcy Stoop

Set and Costume Design by Cat Haywood

Lighting and Sound Design and Stage Management by David Liotta


Tickets! (available June 12th)



Struwwelpeter is a stage adaptation of the 1844 children’s book by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman. A major cornerstone of modern children’s literature, Hoffman created the book as a Christmas gift for his young son. Dissatisfied with the selection of books for children, being either blandly educational or directionlessly fluffy, Hoffman wanted to create a book that would be educational but that children would also want to read. The result was a series of colourful pictures and rhyming tales detailing the gruesome consequences children face when disobeying their parents and other authority figures. The tales include The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb, whose childish habit of sucking his thumbs causes them to be violently severed by a tailor, The Story of Augustus Who Would Not Have Any Soup, about a boy whose fussy eating habits cause him to starve to death, and the title character of Shock-Headed Peter whose neglected hygiene turns him into a social outcast. Despite its graphic (and some would argue inappropriate) subject matter, the book has been in print for more than 150 years in over 700 editions in dozens of languages.


The play follows the encounters of two siblings who awaken the dark spirits of imagination who have been lurking within the pages of Struwwelpeter  and must deal with the consequences.


Struwwelpeter  was selected as a Pick-of-the-Fringe production in 2011 and was produced with the following creative team:


Boy – Lucas Hall
Girl – Christie Stewart
Shadows – Chelsea Bunyan, Randi Edmundson, Phillip Van de Ruyt


Director – Darcy Stoop
Set & Costume Designer – Cat Haywood
Writers – Jesse Cowell & Liam Volke
Stage Manager – Julia Janicki
Composer – Hayley McCurdy
Photos – Sarah Koury & Jessica Wong